Directors:  CJ Vecchio

Screenwriter:  Cj Vecchio

Genre:  Horror



The story begins innocently enough as Sabrina, a cute, innocent eleven-year-old bushing her new doll's hair until her disheveled mother walks in.  With no pleasantries,  her mother notices her playing with a new doll – a doll that she didn’t buy her. When Sabrina is questioned how se got the doll, she answers with "BEE-EL gave her to me."

Her mother thinks nothing of it. After all, most children have had an imaginary friend at one point or another. But what she DOESN’T know is that Bee-El is very real. And he lives inside the walls, once in a while keeping an eye on things from the closets.

Bee-El would do anything for Sabrina… ANYTHING. And that’s when we discover that Sabrina isn’t so innocent after all as she tells Bee-El about some bullies from school.

Things take a very, very dark turn. And as Bee-El continues to do Sabrina’s evil bidding, we find out who the real monster truly is.

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